Rocket insights site refresh

I love me a space-themed agency website design!

client: Rocket Insights

Luminescent Labs

A logo, website, and social profiles for the Luminescent Labs project, affiliated with the AMNH special exhibit Creatures of Light.

client: David Gruber

Pairpoint Glass Company

Logo and site design for America's oldest glass company.

client: Pairpoint design refresh

A responsive design for IFC's home page and show pages.

client: IFC

The Last Kingdom map, image gallery, & icons

Episodic maps and image galleries featuring custom icons.

client: BBC America

SundanceTV international

A responsive design for SundanceTV's global affiliates.

client: SundanceTV

AMC international

A responsive design for AMC's global affiliates.

client: AMC

Anglophenia Fan Favorites

A responsive design for Anglophenia's Fan Favorite contest.

client: BBC America


Web, social, banners, and a custom Foursquare badge for IFC's 2013 SXSW sponsored content.

client: IFC


Web design and banners for IFC's 2012 SXSW sponsorship.

client: IFC

Doctor Who NYC ticket giveaway

Site design for the Doctor Who premiere event contest.

client: BBC America

Portlandia on

Portlandia page design promoting the Portlandia "Guide for Visitors" book.

client: IFC

Be the Mayor!

A logo and website for an iOS app.

clients: Rick & Doug

Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret minisite and wallpapers

Joke site and wallpaper downloads for Thundermuscle energy drink.

client: ifc

WEtv website redesign

Several screens of a WEtv site redesign, in which I had the privilege of skinning the site and designing a show page for The Golden Girls (and others).

client: WEtv

Assassin’s Creed minisite

Minisite, banners and email blast for IFC Media Lab's Assassin's Creed sponsored contest.

client: ifc

More Sites

A few of many websites on in 2007-2008, many featuring very old Brightcove players.

client: ifc