Dynasties infographics

Social infographics highlighting facts from the miniseries.

client: BBC america

Brockmire takeover and campaign

Banner campaign promoting Brockmire's season premiere.

client: IFC

Killing Eve FYC takeovers

Banner campaign for Killing Eve's Emmy consideration. Sandra Oh won!

client: BBC america

Blue Planet II Infographics

Infographics illustrating some facts from each episode of the documentary series.

client: BBC america

Luminescent Labs

A logo, website, and social profiles for the Luminescent Labs project, affiliated with the AMNH special exhibit Creatures of Light.

client: David Gruber

Orphan Black Season 5 Episode posters

A poster for each episode of the final season.

client: BBC america

Orphan Black Soundboard

Soundboard celebrating the first 4 seasons.

client: BBC america

Planet Earth II Infographics

Infographics illustrating some facts from each episode of the documentary series.

client: BBC america

Pairpoint Glass Company

Logo and site design for America's oldest glass company.

client: Pairpoint

WEtv social videos

Social videos and end cards celebrating WEtv star birthdays.

client: WEtv

Documentary Now! takeovers & campaign

Banner campaign for Documentary Now! season premiere.

client: IFC

Stan Against Evil takeover & campaign

Banner campaign for Stan Against Evil's season premiere.

client: IFC

The X-Files BINGO

The holiday card I sent out in 2015, celebrating the return of my favorite show.

IFC.com design refresh

A responsive design for IFC's home page and show pages.

client: IFC

The Last Kingdom map, image gallery, & icons

Episodic maps and image galleries featuring custom icons.

client: BBC America

Better Call Saul story sync

Selected all screenshots and edited custom screens for 2 seasons (hundreds of slides).

client: AMC

Orphan Black sheep mask

Cardboard masks distributed at conventions to promote season 4 of Orphan Black, hacked together from prop photos. Also a downloadable avatar and PDF to print at home.

client: BBC america

Orphan Black Exclusive Comic-Con Tee

A t-shirt given out exclusively at the Orphan Black panel at SDCC 2016.

client: BBC America

Eastside for Hillary

Flyers and GIFs to promote campaign volunteer events.

client: Eastside for Hillary


A logo for a fashion & lifestyle blogger.

client: tamar gottesman

Vinnie Taranto Jr.

A logo for a friend's political campaign.

client: Vinnie Taranto

Face Off integrated ad campaign

Design and development for all rich media, standard flash and static ads for award-winning campaign.

client: Syfy

Monty and the Runaway Furnace film poster

Poster design for a short film.

client: the taranto brothers


Digital assets for IFC's 2014 SXSW event space.

client: IFC

SundanceTV international

A responsive design for SundanceTV's global affiliates.

client: SundanceTV

AMC international

A responsive design for AMC's global affiliates.

client: AMC

Everything is Connected to Elijah Wood

An infographic to promote the premiere of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

client: BBC America

Sundance Channel Shorts poster

Poster design for Sundance Channel's international short film competition.

client: SundanceTV

Orphan Black season 4 episode posters

Teaser graphics used on BBCA's social networks to promote the upcoming episode. Each includes a hidden Neolution Eye, find them all if you can!

client: BBC America

Anglophenia Fan Favorites

A responsive design for Anglophenia's Fan Favorite contest.

client: BBC America

Amla Legend Hair Color Facebook Contest

Facebook page and campaign design for a product giveaway.

client: DooBop


Web, social, banners, and a custom Foursquare badge for IFC's 2013 SXSW sponsored content.

client: IFC


Web design and banners for IFC's 2012 SXSW sponsorship.

client: IFC

Fear the walking dead sharable map

A graphic promoting the Fear the Walking Dead premiere for sharing on Twitter.

client: AMC

Doctor Who Soundboard for SDCC

Design for site shown on tablets in the BBC America booth at San Diego Comic-Con.

client: BBC America

Doctor Who NYC ticket giveaway

Site design for the Doctor Who premiere event contest.

client: BBC America

Man Nup cover art & banners

Book cover and banners for a wedding planning book for guys.

client: my husband!

Portlandia on IFC.com

Portlandia page design promoting the Portlandia "Guide for Visitors" book.

client: IFC

Matt Damon By The Numbers

An infographic about Matt Damon.

client: Screencrush

Be the Mayor!

A logo and website for an iOS app.

clients: Rick & Doug

Sexuality, Women, and Gender Project

A logo for a research and outreach center at Columbia Teacher's College.

client: Columbia University

Portlandia flash banners

Flash banners promoting Portlandia's premiere season.

client: IFC

Superman email blast

Design & development of an email celebrating Richard Donner's birthday.

client: yeah!

Battlestar Galactica flash ads

Emmy 'for your consideration' flash banners and overlays design & development.

client: Syfy


Diary of a Wimpy Kid flash ads

Design and development for flash ads promoting DVD and web game.

client: Pixelette studios

The Intern social ads

Animated GIFs and static images for sharing via social media.

client: Pixelette Studios

Tiny Travelers

A logo for a friend's toddler edu-tainment app.

client: Chop Chop

Breaking Bad Binge Companion

Just a few of the hundreds of slides I designed to accompany a Breaking Bad series marathon.

client: AMC

SundanceTV one-sheet

SundanceTV A5 double-sided handout.

client: SundanceTV

SundanceTV print ad

A magazine ad for SundanceTV network.

client: SundanceTV

Clinique takeover & pushdown ads

Design of rich media overlay and pushdown ads.

client: Pixelette Studios

Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret minisite and wallpapers

Joke site and wallpaper downloads for Thundermuscle energy drink.

client: ifc

WEtv website redesign

Several screens of a WEtv site redesign, in which I had the privilege of skinning the site and designing a show page for The Golden Girls (and others).

client: WEtv

Stargate Universe

Design & development of rich media ad campaign, including placements such as a masthead banner on YouTube's home page.

client: Syfy

Assassin’s Creed minisite

Minisite, banners and email blast for IFC Media Lab's Assassin's Creed sponsored contest.

client: ifc

More IFC.com Sites

A few of many websites on IFC.com in 2007-2008, many featuring very old Brightcove players.

client: ifc


Downloads, buddy icons and other materials for the TRUTH anti-tobacco campaign.

client: Arnold Worldwide